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Why is this important?

In May 2011, 31 scientists from 14 countries representing the World Health Organization classified wireless devices such as WiFi as Class 2B Carcinogens. Other Class 2B Carcinogens include lead, the pesticide DDT, and engine exhaust.

Unfortunately, school boards across Alberta are mandating that WiFi will be installed in 100% of their sites and have not given parents Freedom Of Choice should they not want their child/children exposed to WiFi. School boards are not providing options for WiFi free sites. Most school sites utilize WiFi that is emitting microwave pulsed radiation during the entire school day.

The Saanich School District of Greater Victoria has made it policy that no elementary school should utilize WiFi but rather choose wired computer connections. In junior high schools, only 25% of the school will have WiFi coverage. Please see by clicking here.Colin Redfern, acting chair of Vancouver's District Parent Advisory Council, stated they do not support WiFi installations into elementary schools. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), representing 45,000 teachers, states that current testing done to measure the impact of radiation from wireless networks is usually based on the transmitter’s beacon signal only and does not consider the impact of having numerous wireless devices on at the same time. The OECTA recommendations to reduce potential health risks from increasing radiation exposure include; continued use of wired technology, adding to already existing wired networks as needed, using powerline HD Ethernet Adapters, and building new schools with a fully wired Ethernet infrastructure.

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What You can do?

  • Share our website, FAQs & news clips with family & friends
  • Contact your MLA and Public School Board Trustee and let them know you support:
  • Parent's freedom of choice and ability for schools to mitigate the potential risks from ever increasing emf levels by using powerline HD adapters, and wifi routers that can be shut off when not in use. Please see Ontario English Teacher's Association Recommendations (click here)
  • Encourage simple measures be taken to mitigate the risks to students as they have done at the Calais School (click here)
  • Demand written notification and informed consent forms listing all possible health risks to children be given to parents before any WiFi Installation is considered in a school.
  • Contact your MP:
    Ask them to follow through on the December 2010 Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health Recommendations to provide government funding for independent research on the potential health impacts of RF/MW since the committee found most research used by Health Canada had been funded by the wireless industry.
  • Please contact use through for more information and support.